A Letter to the 2,000 Anti-Trump Ex-DOJ Lawyers: Where’s Your Outrage to These 27 DOJ-FBI Crimes?


After Attorney General Bill Barr intercepted the excessive 7 to 9-year sentence against Roger Stone last week, over 2,000 former DOJ lawyers released a signed letter demanding AG Bill Barr resign.

In response to the anti-Barr outrage letter, a legal assistant in Orange County, California, by the name of Selma Kerren, is demanding the lawyers in question release an equally outraged letter condemning the 27 crimes and frauds perpetrated by the FBI and DOJ against the American people; many of which were begrudgingly declassified by FOIA requests and exposed by the recent Horowitz Report.

Selma Kerren contacted Medium.com on Monday, the platform hosting the DOJ Alumni Statement, asking its administrators to forward a challenge to the array of lawyers calling for Barr’s resignation.

Kerren also sent two emails to Attorney Donald B. Ayer, a DOJ Bush appointee, who turned up on CNN and blasted AG Barr with scathing contempt, even though Ayer was fully aware that Barr’s decision to intercept Roger Stone’s excessive sentence, was made long before Trump’s controversial tweet. Needless to say, Don Ayer nor any of the lawyers replied.

“Well, how could they possibly,” Kerren laughed. “They’re all feckless desperados trying to hide their own complicity.”

Here is Selma Kerren’s challenge to the array of attorneys:

“Since you are so concerned with the rule of law, demand is made that you immediately release a letter condemning the 27 felonies and frauds listed below, perpetrated against the American people, as follows:

1. Judge Amy Berman-Jackson poisoned Roger Stone’s jury pool by:

a.  Throwing out a conservative juror because she worked for the Reagan campaign “30 years ago.”

b.  Accepting a juror who is MARRIED to one of the lawyers working on the Mueller case against Trump.

c.  Accepting juror, Tomika Hart, a well-known attorney and former Democrat candidate, who posted anti-Stone/anti-Trump statements on social media, before, during and after the Stone case. Hart lied on her jury questionnaire.

d.  Accepting juror, Seth Cousins, a well-known, Democrat activist whose anti-Trump rants were also easily found on social media.

(Suspicously, Berman-Jackson also seems to sit on every anti-Tump, wet-dream case!)

2.  U.S. intelligence agents, Halper and Mifsud were sent to Europe to target George Papadopoulos. They tell Papadopoulos the Russians have Hillary’s emails. Papadopoulos tells the Australian … but only George gets arrested.

3. FBI’s Peter Strzok and Lisa Page reportedly huddled with McCabe in his office to concoct “Andy’s Insurance Policy.”

4. The FBI interviewed the dossier Russians, who said … “We heard that stuff about Trump over beer at a bar! It was only meant in jest! We didn’t think the FBI would actually use it.”—Horowitz Report.

5. Obama State Official Kathleen Kavalec sent a memo to the et al, warning the dossier was fake but they used it, anyway.

6. Comey, Rosenstein and Yates signed four (4) FISA warrants using the dossier, which Comey admitted before Congress was ridiculous and never certified by Intel.

7. FBI Agent Kevin Clinesmith CONCOCTED an email to frame Carter page, which is tantamount to “planting evidence” on a defendant.

8. Although Clinesmith planted evidence against Carter Page, he was allowed to continue working for the FBI another 2.5 years, collecting a salary funded by tax-payers.

9. Bruce and wife Nellie Ohr funneled information against Trump to the DOJ and FBI, concocted by Fusion GPS.

10. Andrew McCabe was acquitted after admitting to lying under oath but Roger Stone may face 9 years in prison for a process crime?

11. Horowitz disclosed that Carter Page worked for the CIA, which the FBI willfully hid from the FISC, in order to get the Spy Warrants.

12. Three FBI agents said Flynn never lied. The NY Times quotes them in a January, 2017 article … “FBI Says Nothing Illicit Found In Flynn Calls” and yet he was still indicted.

13. Strzok and Page ALTERED the Flynn 302s, which the FBI is desperately trying to cover up. (Flynn’s attorney, Sydney Powell, said she  has a witness to the fact, who may soon be disclosed.)

14. The FBI new about Manafort’s “short comings” since 2006 and did nothing, until he worked for Trump.

15.  Wasserman-Schultz kept the Awan Brothers on the payroll knowing they hacked the entire Congress.

16. The FBI quickly whisks the Awans out of the country.

17. Joe Biden admitted on camera that he “bribed” the Ukrainians to fire the prosecutor investigating Burisma, whose Russian oligarch’s mansion and bank accounts were raided by a Ukranian SWAT team in February, 2016.

18. The Latvian Bank used to money-launder Burisma’s accounts was also raided the same date as the Trump/Ukranian call, which was covered up by the media.

19.  Hunter Biden has been accused in court of counterfeiting, attempting to steal $60 Million from an American Native fund, fraud and contempt of court.

20. It’s also alleged that the Kerrys, Pelosis and acquaintances to the Romneys profited from Burisma as well.

21. Countless Democrat mayors, officials and state legislators have been indicted and/or arrested for fraud and embezzlement this past year.

22. Hillary Clinton was allowed to smash 13 devices and destroy 33,000 emails under subpoena of Congress.

23. Comey wrote Hillary’s exoneration memo 3 months before interviewing her, and then granted immunities to her cohorts, in exchange for nothing.

24. The FBI never went anywhere near the DNC server, nor performed a forensic examination, but concluded the Russians hacked the DNC, in effect allowing an outside vendor, CrowdStrike, to assess [quote] … “The nation’s most catastrophic security breach.”

25. Comey lied to the public when he said the FBI reviewed all 600,000 emails on Wiener’s laptop. Later, it was disclosed the FBI reviewed only 13,000.

26. Bob Mueller was exposed by Wikileaks as the yellow-cake bag man who sold American uranium to PUTIN … to make thermonuclear bombs … a deal closed by Bill Clinton over lunch … at Putin’s house.

27. Barack Obama gave $150 Billion to Iran, but only $400 Million was approved by Congress. It was money that belonged to the free government and free people of Iran, not the Mullahs and Ayatollahs, who will also use it to make thermonuclear bombs.

Selma Kerren punctuates her challenge to the array with a closing statement. “These are the 27 crimes and frauds which you, the anti-Barr lawyers, turned a blind eye to, thereby endorsing and covering them up. But you have the gall to ask for Barr’s resignation?”

Kerren plans to file corruption complaints against Judge Amy Berman-Jackson later this month with the DC Bar Association, the Judicial Misconduct Board and, hysterically, the FBI Civil RIghts Investigation Unit. (Yes, they handle rogue judges.) And she aims to make the charges stick.

This was a guest post by Selma Kerren

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