What is Wrong with Old Joe? Biden Jumbles Words Throughout Final Democrat Debate (VIDEO)

Seriously, what is wrong with Joe Biden?

77-year-old Democrat front runner Joe Biden jumbled his words throughout Tuesday night’s final Dem debate before the Iowa caucuses.

Biden struggled to put sentences together and had a hard time recalling words.

“It’s a mistake to pull out the straw, small number of troops … It’s lie that our embassies were going to be bombed.”

Discussing North Korea, Biden offered: “I would not meet without Kim absent preconditions.”

On trade with China, Biden again got tongue-tied: “If we don’t set the rules of the road by going out to our partners, instead of poking our eye — and, uh, excuse me, poking our finger in the eye of our friends …”

On health-care plans, Biden became nearly incomprehensible: “The way to do that is to take ObamaCare, reinstate, rebuild it. Provide a public option, allow Medicare for those folks who want it. And in fact, make sure that we in the process reduce the cost of, uh, of drug prices, reduce the cost of being able to buy into the subsidizes further, and make available, make it available to everyone. Here’s the deal, that costs will the of money.”

Video montage and partial transcript by Grabien News:

The Democrat debate was so bad that even far-left Van Jones admitted that nothing he saw Tuesday night could take out President Trump.

“And I want to say that tonight for me was dispiriting. Democrats have to do better than what we saw tonight. There was nothing I saw tonight that would be able to take Donald Trump out. And I want to see a Democrat in the White House as soon as possible,” Van Jones said.

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