“We Can’t Worry About the Decorum of the Senate – This is about Peace and Prosperity of the World!” – Steve Bannon Urges Trump to Use House “Fire Breathers” at Trial and Delay SOTU Address (VIDEO)

Steve Bannon, the Former Chief Strategist of President Trump, went on with Maria Bartiromo on Sunday Morning Futures this morning.

Steve Bannon brought his A-Game this Sunday morning!

Bannon argued that President Trump MUST forget about Senate decorum and use some of the House “fire breathers” like Zeldin, Gaetz, Jordan and Meadows on his Impeachment team.

Steve Bannon also called on Trump to delay State of the Union until the trial is over!

Steve Bannon: This is the nullification process to nullify his presidency. And you see why. They were wrong. They were the appeasers. He’s the Churchill figure. He has stood tall. That’s why this is the trial of the century. It’s about the crime of the century. It’s going to be on global television. That’s why I believe he has to have some of the House people like Lee Zeldin and Mark Meadows and Jim Jordan and Gaetz… He’s still got an opportunity to do that. I think the president needs that because these fire breathers need to be there. We can’t worry about the decorum of the senate. This is about the direction of the United States of America. It’s about the peace and prosperity of the world…

…She (Pelosi) purposely slow walked this because she wants the trial during the State of the Union… He has to be acquitted and then he should have the State of the Union Address because the whole world will watch this.

Via Sunday Morning Futures.

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