WATCH: Powerful Super Bowl Commercial Asks What Is A ‘Typical’ American?

Budweiser is America’s most popular beer. For good reason. It’s a beer that symbolizes the working class, the blue-collar workers that keep America running.

So Budweiser really knows what a “typical” American is.

In a fantastic commercial set to air during the Super Bowl on Sunday, the beer company celebrates the typical American by showcasing “the extraordinary people that represent the best of America.”

The spot includes the World Series champion the Washington Nationals, the World Cup-winning United States women’s soccer team, Ken Nwadike of the Free Hugs Project, and other inspirational people.

But more than that, the minute-long ad features hard-working Americans (showing people heading to work at dawn), firefighters (“showing off their strength, so typical,” a narrator says during a shot of a lone firefighter dragging a hose to battle a massive blaze).

“Look at him, touching other people’s things,” the narrator says as a man helps a car get unstuck in the snow. “Always so competitive,” says the narrator as a disabled woman reaches the finish line of a race. “Typical Americans, showing up uninvited,” the narrator says as the viewers see a man in a military uniform surprising another man, presumably his father, at his office.

“Removing their clothes, in public,” says the narrator as the shot shows a man on a subway putting his shirt on a homeless man. “Just look at them, thinking they can save the world,” the narrator says as a shot Nwadike offering free hugs to police officers.

“Next time someone labels you typical, show them what typical can do,” the ad concludes.

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