Video: ‘Schiff Shill’ NBC Reporter Heidi Przybyla Argues and Argues With Republicans Zeldin, Johnson and Stefanik at Impeachment Trial Press Gaggle

This confrontation took place Tuesday, but was still making the rounds Wednesday night. NBC was so proud of their reporter Heidi Przybyla arguing about Ukraine with House Republican members of President Trump’s impeachment defense team at press gaggle during a break in the trial that they tweeted it out several times–garnering over two million views. As can be expected in this sharply divided political era, partisans are siding with their “team” on this, which is a shame. The media on Capitol Hill is more anti-GOP than the White House press corps but that is not common knowledge as the Hill press conferences receive far less coverage. This one went viral for all the wrong reasons.

The actual press gaggle lasted about twenty minutes. The footage NBC used to promote Przybyla in all her space invading, touching, hand jabbing, interrupting, argumentative glory is three-and-a-half minutes. Przybyla wore down Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY) and Rep. Mike Johnson (R-LA) with her intimidating male-domineering performance until Stefanik had enough and stood woman to woman with her and backed Przybyla off.

At one point, an exasperated Zeldin said to the press and Przybyla, “”You’re doing a great job as Schiff’s shills.” At another point Zeldin stepped away from the mic and invited Przybyla to take over after she kept interrupting him. Johnson then stepped up to deal with the domineering Pryzbyla. But it was only when Stefanik finally took charge that Pryzbyla backed off on her physical intimidation tactics she used on the gentlemen.

Przybyla grabbed Zeldin by the arm at one point.

Przybyla jabbed her hand in Zeldin’s face at another point.

An exacerbated Zeldin invited Przybyla to take over the mic.

Johnson stepped in but had to repeatedly ward off Przybyla.

It was only when Stefanik went woman to woman with Przybyla that she pulled back on her aggressive posture

NBC Politics, “WATCH: @HeidiNBC presses Reps. Zeldin, Stefanik and Johnson during a tense exchange about her tough questioning style on a question about corruption in Ukraine as it relates to the Senate impeachment trial.”


CNN’s Brian Stelter loved it.

Zeldin called out NBC twice on Twitter for their reporting on the press conference.

“Aside from @HeidiNBC’s 20-25+ interruptions (DC press record?), you have to love @NBCPolitics then cutting out our answers re what Zelensky & his team were doing to fight Ukraine corruption after May 19. @RepStefanik

“What press conference were @JoeNBC & @HeidiNBC watching? Let’s see the video of me talking about Crowdstrike at yesterday’s presser (Never happened). The enthusiasm at which they try to dumb down their audience is insane.”

Complete press gaggle here. Skip toward the end (20:00) to watch Stefanik go woman to woman with Pryzbyla.

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