Video: Romney Tells Reporters ‘Increasingly Likely’ Other Republicans Will ‘Join Us’ to Vote for Bolton to Testify in Impeachment Trial

Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) told reporters Monday that other fellow Republicans are increasingly likely to support hearing testimony from former Trump national security adviser Ambassador John Bolton in President Trump’s impeachment trial in the Senate. A leak of alleged descriptions of Bolton’s book on his time at the Trump White House published Sunday by the New York Times accuses Trump of wanting to tie aid to Ukraine last year with investigations into the Democrats and the Bidens by Ukraine. Trump has denied the accusations made in the leak of the book.

It’s increasingly apparent that it would be important to hear from John Bolton. I of course will make a final decision on witnesses after we’ve heard from not only the prosecution but also the defense, but I think at this stage it’s pretty fair to say that John Bolton has relevant testimony.

I think it’s increasingly likely that other Republicans will join those of us who think we should hear from John Bolton.

“Those of us” are the Democrat House Managers and the 47 Democrat senators trying to drive President Trump from office by convicting and removing him by means of the Senate impeachment trial.

The trial resumes at 1 p.m. EST Monday with the President’s attorneys starting day two of their allotted three days to present his defense. Following their presentation there will be sixteen hours–likely over two days–of questioning by senators of the Managers and President’s team. Votes on witnesses and new evidence will then be taken up, including whether to hear testimony by Bolton.

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