Venezuela’s Juan Guaido Meets with Secretary of State Pompeo, Is Expected to Attend Davos This Week with President Trump

The city of Bogotá was the scene today of the Third Hemispheric Ministerial Conference for the Fight against Terrorism.

Secretary of State of the United States Mike Pompeo attended the meetings on Monday and applauded the agreements of several Latin American leaders.  The leaders agreed to declare Hizballah and other transnational organizations as threats to democracy and peace in the continent.  Hizollah (Hezbollah) is very active in the region and has a serious presence in Venezuela.


US Secretary Pompeo was emphatic in stating that the Iran regime, with its Hizballah arm, is present in Venezuela and that is not acceptable.

The host of this international meeting President Ivan Duque of Colombia, highlighted the battle waged by Juan Guaido to defend the democratic values necessary for the transition of power and free elections in Venezuela.

The Venezuelan President in charge Juan Guaido said that what is happening in Venezuela has nothing to do with ideologies.  Guaido said there can be no neutrality in times of tragedies or emergencies.  The current Maduro government is simply complicit in the regime and terrorist groups .

The president of the  Venezuelan National Assembly is included as a speaker at the World Economic Forum to be held this week in Davos, Switzerland.  Juan Guaido is expected to meet with the President of the United States Donald Trump.  President Trump expected to speak this year at the event on the historic success of Trumponomics.

The evidence of the existence of terrorist groups operating in Venezuela was presented by the Venezuelan delegation to the countries present.  The leaders agreed  to share relevant information that leads to the peace on the continent and to usher in freedom and democracy.

At the time of this meeting of countries fighting against terrorism, the regime flaunted its relationship with Iran by presenting images of Jorge Artreaza meeting with the Iranian Foreign Minister at work meetings that reveal the alliance of the Venezuelan regime and its ally in Iran.

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