Updates: Political Crisis Continues in Venezuela – Armed Groups Beat Opposition with Stones and Sticks

Venezuela Opposition and Legitimate Leader Juan Guaidó

There was a surge of aggression and violence in Venezuela, this week before a new attempt by Juan Guaido and the opposition majority to meet at the headquarters of the Parliament in Caracas.

In a brutal ambush, armed civil groups attacked opposition members and press representatives with stones, sticks and arms, with the aim of not allowing their access to the premises.

The reaction to these violent acts were swift. The European Union highlighted a resolution where they reaffirmed his support for Guaidó as the legitimate president of the National Assembly and interim president of Venezuela, as well as condemned the recent serious violations by the Maduro regime. The National Assembly of Venezuela is the only legitimately elected democratic body in the country, and its powers must be respected.

The resolution urges the head of EU Foreign Policy, Josep Borrell, to intensify the response of the European Union to restore democracy in the country, including through selective sanctions against people responsible for human rights violations. These resolution also requested an investigation mission be sent to the country to assess the situation on the ground.

Similarly, the OEA Secretary General, Luis Almagro, pronounced his condemnation and repudiation of the successive acts of violence against the National Assembly and any attempts carried out contrary to constitutional legitimacy and the majority of the NA.

The representatives of the National Parliament were able to meet and elected the twelve permanent commissions to work for the strugglefor the recovery of Venezuela and for citizen rights.

The Socialist crisis continues in Venezuela.




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