Trump Goes There – Retweets Sperry’s Explosive Report Revealing Whistleblower Eric Ciaramella Plotted with Schiff Aide Sean Misko to “Take Out” Trump

Eric Ciaramella with Barack Obama

President Trump on Thursday retweeted Paul Sperry’s explosive investigative report revealing Eric Ciaramella plotted with Schiff’s aide Sean Misko to “take out” Trump in January of 2017.

Justice Roberts on Thursday blocked any mention of Eric Ciaramella’s name so President Trump took the gloves off and retweeted several tweets outing Eric Ciaramella.

Impeachment manager Adam Schiff has TWO aides, Sean Misko and Abigail Grace who worked with the whistleblower Eric Ciaramella at the National Security Council and Republican Senators asked about their role in plotting to remove Trump.

Schiff hired Eric Ciaramella’s NatSec crony Sean Misko ONE DAY after President Trump’s July 25 phone call to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and now he’s refusing to answer questions about their coordination.

Several GOP Senators on Thursday submitted questions about Ciaramella’s relationship with Sean Misko on day two of the question-and-answer session.

Schiff became enraged, lashed out at Paul Sperry’s reporting and accused the Republican Senators of smearing his staffers.

“This question refers to allegation in a newspaper article which are circulating smears on my staff and ask me to respond to those smears. I will not dignify those smears on my staff by giving them any credence whatsoever,” Schiff said.


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