Republicans Set Nadler Straight After He Selectively Edits Professor Turley’s Testimony to Argue Abuse of Power is an Impeachable Offense (VIDEO)

What charges?

The Democrats began their second day of opening arguments on Thursday in Trump’s Senate impeachment trial.

Dem House impeachment manager Rep. Jerrold Nadler claimed that the articles of impeachment against Trump are the most serious charges ever brought against the president.

Only there are no charges.

“The articles of impeachment against President Trump rank among the most serious charges ever brought against the president,” Nadler said.

Nadler also selectively edited professor Jonathan Turley’s written testimony to argue that abuse of power is an impeachable offense.


The Republicans blasted Nadler and set him straight.

Jonathan Turley made clear that “this impeachment not only fails to satisfy the standard of past impeachments but would create a dangerous precedent for future impeachments.”

Turley also accused the Democrats of abusing power.

“It’s your abuse of power,” Turley told Dems during the House impeachment hearing.

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