Oh, Good Grief!… Traitor Jeff Sessions: “People Who Are Hired by the President – Are Supposed to Serve Him” (VIDEO)

Fired Attorney General Jeff Sessions, the man who gave America the Mueller probe, joined Tucker Carlson on Tuesday night. Sessions went on to discuss former National Security Advisor John Bolton and his upcoming book where he trashes President Trump.

Sessions told Tucker Carlson that White House officials are hired to serve the president.
This was rich considering Sessions’s record.

Jeff Sessions: It really depends on the integrity and the personal responsibility and honor really of the people who are hired by the president, who are supposed to serve him, and help him advance his agenda.

Via Tucker Carlson Tonight:

We first published this over two years ago in November of 2017 – and each day it became more and more apparent that Jeff Sessions was failing America and in his duties as Attorney General.

President Trump was voted into office by the American people in November 2016 in an electoral landslide.

The only thing stopping President Trump for two years was his own Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Sessions recused himself from any investigations into Russia allowing a corrupt investigation into the President’s actions with Russia and/or any other dirt the investigators can come up with.

The investigation was not founded in US law, it was a farce. The investigators were corrupt and biased, former Hillary and Obama team members and supporters and many, if not all, are involved with the Uranium One scandal.

The Mueller Special Counsel committed a series of criminal acts that will change the US legal system for generations to come.  Some people on the Internet claimed Sessions was stealth and behind the scenes working on some grand plan to come out and catch and unveil all the bad guys.  Some thought he was working with the secret Q who on the Internet was assuring followers of Sessions being in charge.

Sessions was the main reason for the Mueller investigation.

Jeff Sessions did not use his position to assist the president or his agenda.
Jeff Sessions was there to destroy this president.

AG Sessions –  Your legacy is clear.  You were part of the Deep State by your actions alone.  AG Sessions will go down as one of the biggest traitors in US history.

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