‘Mob, Gangster-Like Rendition’ – Trump Attorney Eric Herschmann Obliterates Adam Schiff’s Fake Call and Transcript (VIDEO)

Eric Herschmann

Trump’s counsel Eric Herschmann on Monday went after serial liar Adam Schiff’s “mob, gangster-like fake rendition” of the transcript of Trump’s call to Zelensky.

President Trump’s lawyers showed up on day two of their defense and brought the pain.

Mr. Herschmann took it straight to Schiff and called him out for his lies and treachery.

Schiff previously read a completely fabricated transcript of Trump’s call to Zelensky during his opening statement before the House Intelligence Committee.

“Remember the fake transcript that manager Schiff read when he was before the Intelligence committee?” Herschmann said. “His mob, gangster-like fake rendition of the call? Well, I prosecuted organized crime for years.”

Herschmann continued, “What House manager Schiff tried to create for the American people is completely detached from reality. It is as if we are supposed to believe that mobsters would invite people they do not know into an organized crime meeting to sit around and take notes to establish the corrupt intent.”

Herschmann said Schiff “ran away from the actual transcript” because he had to make it sound like Trump was shaking down a foreign leader for his benefit.

“It’s totally illogical,” Herschmann said.


After Herschmann’s public rebuke of Schiff, we are certain he made the blood drain from Schiff’s face today too.

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