Michelle Malkin Announces ‘America First’ Event — Says AFPAC, Not CPAC, Will Expose Conservative Inc., Open Borders Inc., and Cancel Culture

Conservative legend Michelle Malkin has announced that she will be speaking at an event taking place during CPAC weekend, alongside more dissident right-wing voices who have been “cancelled” by the gatekeepers in Conservative Inc.

The America First Political Action Conference (AFPAC) will take place on Friday, February 28.

Announced speakers include Malkin, controversial YouTuber Nicholas Fuentes, former Daily Caller editor Scott Greer and American Identity Movement’s Patrick Casey.


What each speaker has in common is that they have been “cancelled” by some parts of the right for things like making “inappropriate” jokes or having hard line stances on immigration. In Malkin’s case, she refused to disavow Fuentes and other young America First conservatives who had asked pointed and controversial questions during Turning Point USA events in the fall — a campaign known as the “Groyper War.” Her refusal to participate in the cancel mob lead to her being removed as a speaker by the Young America’s Foundation (YAF).

Malkin had been working with YAF to speak to students for 17 years when she was booted for wrongthink.

During the “Groyper War,” Rep. Dan Crenshaw infamously told a young right-wing student who asked him a question about Israel at an event that he would “regret” doing so. Ben Shapiro gave a 45 minute long speech calling the Groyper students asking questions, and Fuentes, who became the de facto leader of the Groyper movement “alt-right.”

As “Conservative Inc.,” the mainstream Republican organizations, continue to cave to pressure from leftists and silence, exclude, or “cancel” more and more interesting right-wing figures and voices — the dissident right has continued to grow and organize.

From forming their own student groups, to organizing events that counter the “gatekeepers,” it is clear that this movement, which largely believes in stopping immigration, ending senseless wars, and putting America’s citizens first, is here to stay.

“It’s about time for a real alternative to Conservative Inc’s annual pay-to-play confab. I was glad to be asked to speak at the inaugural America First Political Action Conference because college students, young workers, and free-thinking patriots need a voice and a venue for muscular nationalism immune from donor-class corruption,” Malkin told The Gateway Pundit.

Malkin will not be speaking at CPAC this year, but will be attending to cover it. The AFPAC event will take place following CPAC’s Friday lineup.

Her CPAC speech last year made major headlines after she called out neocons, the establishment on both sides, CPAC itself, and even the ghost of John McCain.

“I have been accused of being a ‘grifter’… but it’s the GOP sellouts, not just the radical open borders left, that is in bed with immigration saboteurs. Like the ones who hijacked the tea party movement to shill for amnesty. Those are the real grifters,” Malkin said. “Cashing in and practicing deceit at the expense of their base and the expense of our country.”


The courageous journalist took aim specifically at “retired Paul Ryan,” Mitch McConnell, and the Bush family, before adding “and yes I’m looking at you — the ghost of John McCain!” The line caused many of the excited conference attendees to leap to their feet for an extended standing ovation.

CPAC has notoriously caved to pressure and banned speakers from the right who are deemed “too controversial,” from Milo Yiannopoulos to the Gateway Pundit’s own Jim Hoft — who had ironically been scheduled to speak on an anti-censorship panel.

It isn’t just speakers that get banned, however, last year Fuentes and Casey were both banned from even attending the event because of their anti-immigration views.

“Last year, CPAC banned me, Nick Fuentes, and other sincere patriots solely on account of our political views. The ACU did, however, allow radical leftists and liberal journalists to attend; in fact, CNN’s Van Jones was even given a platform to discuss criminal justice reform,” Casey told The Gateway Pundit. “This, of course, is because the GOP donor class favors policies harmful to America, namely mass immigration. As such, we’ve decided to host our own event, where real issues can be discussed, free from the Orwellian censorship of Conservatism Inc.”

This year, Malkin said in a tweet, “AFPAC, not CPAC”, will expose the truth about the Beltway GOP, Conservative Inc., Open Borders Inc., and cancel culture against America First conservatives.

Due to the high likelihood of leftist protesters (and maybe even some angry neocons) attempting to crash the event, those who wish to attend are being asked to email [email protected]. The venue will not be announced until the day of, but will likely be near the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center in Oxon Hill, Maryland, where CPAC is taking place.

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