“Jarring” – CNN Panel Blasts Pelosi’s ‘Celebratory’ Impeachment Signing Ceremony (VIDEO)

A CNN panel on Wednesday blasted Speaker Pelosi for her grotesque celebratory impeachment signing ceremony.

On Wednesday, a ‘sad’ and ‘somber’ Pelosi smiled for the cameras and giggled as she signed the articles of impeachment against President Trump before they were delivered to the Senate.

Pelosi actually had a signing ceremony, which is normally reserved for signing a new bill and she used several gold pens to sign the articles of impeachment as a way to brag.

But this is a ‘somber’ moment for the country.

Pelosi then handed out impeachment pens to fellow Democrat lawmakers and posed for photos.

CNN’s Dana Bash criticized Pelosi for handing pens and smiling for the cameras, calling her actions “unusual.”

Another CNN panelist called Pelosi’s celebration “jarring” and “off message.”