Iranian Revolutionary Guard General: Muslims Will Pull Americans Out of Embassies and Military Bases and Hang Them from Trees (VIDEO)

Senior IRGC General Naqdi: Muslims Will Pull Americans out of Embassies and Military Bases and Hang Them Blindfolded from Trees

General Mohammad Reza Naqdi, IRGC Deputy Commander for Coordination, was interviewed on the Iranian Ofogh TV on Friday after the death of terror mastermind Qassem Soleimani.

General Naqdi spoke about the blood of the martyrs and threatened Americans in the region. Naqdi says Muslims will pull Americans from their embassies and military bases and hang them from trees.


General Naqdi: Starting tomorrow, or even today, they will view this nest of spies differently. They will view the people who come and go there in a different way. The Americans will bring the situation to a point… The pressure America exerts on the Islamic nation will lead the peoples of the Islamic countries to pull them out of their nests of spies and their military bases… I can see that day… They will pull them out and hang them blindfolded from the trees in their cities.

Video via MEMRI:

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