IRAN ROUNDUP for January 9th thru 12th: IRGC Confesses They Shot Down the Ukrainian Jet, and the Iranian Street EXPLODES! Massive Crowds Call on the Regime Leadership to Get Out

By Editors of The Free Iran Herald 

Updates on events unfolding in Iran

On Sunday, Trump continued his real-time messaging to the Iranian people. The American president demanded from them, in English and in Persian: DO NOT KILL YOUR PROTESTORS!

Throngs of protesters at Tehran’s Amir Kabir University front gate, demanding the Khomeinist regime leaders to resign and get out

After three days of denials and obfuscation, the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps admitted finally on Saturday, January 11th what the rest of the world already knew: they had shot down Ukraine International Airlines Flight PS752 on Wednesday. The Iranian people then immediately responded by spontaneously coming out in droves, all over Iran, to protest the regime. Rage that had been suppressed for several days, out of fear of the IRGC’s reprisals, was unleashed, and the world saw what Iranians really thought about the Khomeinist regime, and its terrorist fighters, such as the late Qassem Soleimani.

One of the largest protests began at Tehran’s Amir Kabir University of Technology, where students had gathered to mourn the lives of 16 Iranian students who had perished in the plane crash. The ceremony quickly turned political, as students began to chant anti-regime slogans. “IRGC be ashamed, leave our country!” “Death to the Dictator and Death to the Islamic Regime!” they said. Police attempted to disperse the demonstrators but were initially repulsed. Then, the IRGC were called in and began shooting at the students. One was reported to have been killed. Many of those fleeing Amir Kabir University, however, went to Sharif University of Technology, also in Tehran, where another protest was underway.

As the sun went down, tens of thousands of average Tehranis came out into the streets to join in the protest, and to form human walls to prevent the IRGC from attacking the students. They used their cars as barricades to block road traffic, and screamed “IRGC commits murder and Khamenei support them! Resign! Resign! Resign!” In several instances, the protestors spoke in English, hoping that international media outlets present in Tehran would film them and show their voices around the world, so that people could learn just how much Iranians actually despise their clerical oppressors. At one point, demonstrators tore up photos of Qassem Soleimani while chanting, “Soleimani was a murderer, and his leader (Khamenei) is also a criminal!”

In addition to the slogans that have become universally employed by Iranian demonstrators since the December 2017 uprising, such as “They lie when they say the enemy is America, the enemy is right here!” “No Gaza! No Lebanon! I only give my life for Iran!” and “Reza Shah, bless your soul!” news ones appeared. “They killed our geniuses and replaced them with clerics!” Not only does this refer to the many educated Iranians who were murdered after the Khomeinist takeover 1979, but it also references the victims of the Ukrainian plane crash, many of whom were noted Iranian scientists, such as Dr. Forough Khadem, an Iranian-Canadian who had discovered a treatment for the parasitic disease leishmaniasis.

Protests then also broke out in multiple other Iranian cities. Mashhad, Esfahan, Shiraz, Kermanshah, Rasht, all saw large demonstrations. The IRGC brought in its Special Brigade, the unit it specifically uses to violently kill protestors, onto the streets to suppress the gatherings.

Yet, on Sunday, the demonstrations continued, were larger, and spread to more municipalities. The IRGC responded with gunfire, as customary, and at the time of this writing, mass shootings and scenes of repression are occurring all over Iran.

UK Ambassador Arrested: Will the British finally learn to stop appeasing the Khomeinist Monster?

The regime, as with every other protest against their rule, needed a foreign bogeyman they could accuse of sponsoring the demonstrations. This time, they found one in Rob Macaire, the British ambassador in Tehran. Macaire had attended the mourning ceremony at Amir Kabir University on Saturday, but had left after the students began to protest. Nonetheless, the regime, violating international law, as they’ve consistently done since 1979, arrested him and detained for over an hour and charged that the British had stoked the day’s demonstrations. 

On Sunday, the IRGC’s Basij militia gathered outside the British embassy in a pre-arranged movement, and demanded that it be closed and British diplomats be expelled from Iran. 

This is hardly the first occasion where the regime has violated British sovereignty. In 2011, the Basij had stormed and vandalized the UK embassy in Tehran after London had imposed sanctions on the regime. British personnel have repeatedly been taken hostage in Iran, and one Iranian- British citizen, Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, has been imprisoned in Tehran for over three years as the regime tries to extort funds from London. Despite all this, UK policy towards Iran has always supported trade with the regime and appeasement of their malfeasances. Along with France and Germany, the UK created the INSTEX exchange to help the regime skirt the sanctions leveled upon them by President Trump. Now that Britain’s generosity toward the Khomeinists is repaid with only more terrorism, it will have to be seen whether London will change its tone and actions towards them.

Donald Trump Tweets in Persian, and it becomes the most-liked Persian language Tweet Ever! 

From the commencement of yesterday’s events, President Donald Trump and his administration were fully aware of what was occurring in Iran, and they immediately began to send out messages of support. President Trump had one of his messages translated into Persian, and that tweet became the most-liked Persian language tweet of all time. “The great Iranian people,” as President Trump refers to them, have been given a heightened sense of confidence in their ability to speak their opinions and demand the fall of the regime, now that they know that this American president, unlike his predecessor, cares about them, and is exerting every means of pressure he can to prevent the regime from massacring the Iranian populace.

On Sunday, Trump continued his real-time messaging to the Iranian people. As the IRGC was shooting them on the streets, the American president demanded from them, in English and in Persian, “DO NOT KILL YOUR PROTESTORS!”

As events develop further, one can only hope that the regime leadership, after seeing Trump do what no other US president had done before, taking out their top terrorist ground force commander, will learn that if they kill another 1,500 Iranians, as they did in November, the US will ensure that they suffer the consequences of their crimes.









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