Here We Go: Twitter to Enact New Policy Allowing Users to Report Accounts for Misleading Voter Information or Suppression

Twitter, which earlier decided to not accept political advertising for this election cycle, is now enacting a new policy allowing users to report accounts for allegedly posting misleading voter information or voter suppression.

Will the new Twitter policy be used to censor or take down President Trump’s account?

On the surface the new policy appears a benign effort to prevent misleading voters about the fundamentals of voting–date, place, deadlines and to protect them from hoax accounts, however reporting tools are routinely abused by liberals to silence conservative accounts with the help of sympathetic moderators at the liberal dominated big tech firms.

Twitter Safety posted Wednesday night, “We’re turning on a tool for key moments of the 2020 US election that enables people to report misleading information about how to participate in an election or other civic event.”

The example posted by Twitter has three options to report, false information about voter registration and voting, misrepresenting a government or political entity–all good–but the third option is subjective and open to abuse: “It intends to suppress or intimidate someone from voting”.

Politico quoted a Twitter official on the new reporting policy:

“As caucuses and primaries for the presidential election get underway, we’re building on our efforts to protect the public conversation,” said Carlos Monje Jr., Twitter’s director of public policy and philanthropy, in a statement.

…It’s the first time the tool is being used in the U.S.

“This reporting flow has been an important aspect of our efforts since early 2019 to protect the health of the conversation for elections around the globe, specifically in India, the U.K., and across the EU,” Monje said.

How many days until Twitter starts taking down President Trump’s tweets or suspends his account?

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