GOP Turns Viral CNN Clip Trashing Trump Supporters Into Powerful Ad: ‘They Think You’re a Joke’

The Republican Party has turned the viral clip of CNN’s Don Lemon and his guests trashing supporters of President Donald Trump into a new ad.

The ad, titled “They Think You’re a Joke,” was published on YouTube on Thursday evening.

The original segment aired on CNN over the weekend and mocked the 63 million Americans who voted for Trump as uneducated rednecks.

Lemon’s guest Rick Wilson called Trump supporters “credulous boomer rubes” and used a mocking southern accent as the host cracked up.

Lemon was nearly in tears as his guests mocked how uneducated the president’s supporters are.

The new ad also features twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton referring to Trump supporters as the “basket of deplorables” and 2020 candidates Joe Biden and Pete Buttigieg mocking them as well.

“They think you’re a joke. Prove them wrong in November,” the ad concludes.


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