FILLED WITH HATE: Pelosi Announces Sham Impeachment Managers SAME DAY as President Trump Signs Historic China Trade Deal and Dow Hits Historic Highs!

On Wednesday at 11:30 AM Eastern President Trump will sign the new US trade agreement with China.

President Trump is THE ONLY PERSON to confront China’s devastating trade practices that has cost the United States hundreds of thousands of manufacturing jobs and BILLIONS in stolen technology.

Only President Trump could do this — And WOULD do this!

The Dow reached record highs on Wednesday morning on the news.

Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi and Democrats held a press conference where they accused the US President of colluding with Putin — something that was proven to be a complete lie months ago.

Pelosi also announced the managers for her sham impeachment of President Trump.

On the same day of President Trump’s historic agreement and record market gains.

This was after Democrats blocked a motion to support the brave Iranian democracy protesters on Tuesday.

Democrats hate this president more than they love their country.

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