EXCLUSIVE | WMAL Host Larry O’Connor: 2020 Democrats Have Still Not Told The American People What They Are For, Only Who They’re Against

The 2020 Democrat presidential candidates are not running on any legitimate policy proposals —nothing about keeping the country safer, no actual ideas to help grow the economy and raise employment, nothing at all about meeting international challenges in Iran, the Middle East, Russia or elsewhere, nothing about finding and producing new energy.

Instead, the Democrat Party’s entire platform is predicated on visceral antipathy for Trump and removing the president from office.

The “anybody but Trump” party line will only help secure Trump’s 2020 victory, talk radio show host Larry O’Connor surmises.

“The one big thing with the Democrats right now is they can’t tell you who they’re for,” the WMAL host explained in an exclusive interview with the Gateway Pundit. “The American people are ultimately an optimistic people. You’ve got to tell them a reason to vote for you, not a reason to vote against the other person – and that’s what Donald Trump has going for him that the Democrats still haven’t been able to figure out.”

“Since the day after the election, the Democrats have not told the American people what they are for, only who they’re against.”

Under Trump’s leadership, the economy is surging with historically low unemployment rates. Blacks, Latinos and women are experiencing unprecedented prosperity as Trump continues to restore power back to We the People. The president continues to decimate Islamic State in the Middle East.

But, Democrats know they can’t win on the issues so they are relying on effectively smearing Trump as a criminal and resorting to impeachment to secure victory in 2020, O’Connor continued.

“What does a candidate run on when they want to be president? They want to tell you how they’re’ going to make the country more safe and secure with national security. Well, they can’t do that because Trump has already – he defeated ISIS in the Middle East when Barack Obama let it explode the Middle East,” he said.

“They run on the economy – well, how would the Democrats run on the economy when Donald Trump has brought us to historic lows in unemployment,” he continued. “The Dow Jones has gone from 18,000 on Election Day to 29,000. These are all things that a normal president would run on. They can’t run on any of those things, so instead, they want to slime him, slander him and try to make him seem like he is some sort of criminal.”

Additionally, Trump will likely overperform among Black voters in 2020 and if he does, it will be incredibly hard for Republicans to lose, O’Connor predicted.

“One of the most brilliant political moves I’ve seen in my adult lifetime,” he said, “was Donald Trump in 2016, going to Detroit, speaking to a predominantly black audience and saying ‘what you have got to lose, you’ve been voting Democrat for the last 60 years and look at Detroit. What has it brought you?’

“Now [Trump] can come back to that very same audience and say, ‘You gave me a chance and now you have historic lows in unemployment. You have a historic number of people who have gotten off of food stamps. I now want to give you school choice. I now want to protect your unborn by defunding Planned Parenthood. I care about the African Americans in this country, give me another four years,’” he continued. “I think that’s a powerful argument.”

Regardless of the booming economy or the president’s swiftly growing list of achievements towards making America great, Democrats, fake news media, and Hollywood are desperate to block Trump’s reelection.

The Trump campaign and every Trump supporter must fight like we’re 20 states behind to secure victory because the four pillars of modern-day liberalism – the Democratic Party, the mainstream media, Hollywood and the fringe academic left –  are even more anomalously devoted to destroying Trump than his Republican predecessors, O’Connor warned.

“Donald Trump has Hollywood lined up against him. He’s got the music industry lined up against him. He’s got academia lined up against him. He’s got the Democrat Party lined up against him. He’s got so much lined up against him,” he explained.  “I hope the Trump reelection campaign constantly runs right up into election day like they are 20 states behind because they need to have that kind of energy and voters need to have that kind of energy.

He added, “They have to be ready, just like they were in 2016, to walk across broken glass to vote for this man.”

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