Devin Nunes Threatens to Sue Ted Lieu for Slanderous Lev Parnas Allegations – Lieu Tells Nunes to “Shove It”

Far left politician and Russian conspiracist Ted Lieu responded publicly to a threatening letter sent to him by Rep. Devin Nunes’s attorney.

The Nunes letter centered on Lieu’s comments tying Nunes to nutcase Lev Parnas, a Soviet-born businessman and former associate of President Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani who dropped some outlandish allegations this week on MSNBC.

Parnas’s allegations were quickly discredited by the Department of Justice and the Ukrainian government.

Lieu responded to Devin Nunes that he received his attorney’s letter… And that he can “shove it!”

Lieu is not one of the brightest Democrats and make likely face a follow-up letter from Rep. Nunes.

Tony Shaffer weighed in, “It’s clear Ted Lieu is not smart enough to understand he is now going to be sued…he has been at the forefront of spouting false information regarding the disproven Russian Collusion Narrative – he won’t be able to avoid being called out this time.”

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