Current and Past Iraqi Prime Ministers Attend Funeral Service for Iranian Terrorist Soleimani Held in Baghdad

A service was held in Baghdad for the two terrorists who died earlier this week when the cars they were in exploded after being targeted and bombed by President Trump.  Not unexpectedly, the funeral service was attended by many high ranking individuals in the Iraqi government, including the current and former Prime Ministers.

In July 2016 we reported that former President Obama was turning half of Iraq over to Iran.  It wasn’t reported elsewhere, when we noted that the troops that Iraq was sending against ISIS from the East included Iranian forces.

Iran’s plan was simple once Iraq was invaded by the US in the early 2000’s.  It did all it could to kill American soldiers knowing that the American far-left media would condemn the war as a quagmire.  The American people would eventually give up on the effort and Iran would come in and take it over, and this is what Iran did.

The individual who spearheaded Iran’s efforts to kill American soldiers was Qasem Soleimani.  This Iranian terrorist was also the leader behind most all evil acts committed by the Iranian regime.  He most recently was behind Iranian efforts to kill protesters in both Iraq and an estimated 1,500 in Iran.  This man was a devil.

American media condemned President GW Bush mercilessly for the Iraq War effort.  Once the surge was in place and Iraq was in the best place it ever been in, Obama was elected and he immediately pulled all US troops out of Iraq.  Iran and ISIS fought for the spoils.  Iran won.

This is more than evident from the individuals who showed up at terrorist Soleimani’s funeral in Iraq.

Iran has a stronghold in Iraq and the Iraqi people don’t like it.  What a real quagmire Obama left in Iraq and the Middle East.

Maybe General Flynn said it best in 2015 –

Or maybe it was citizen Trump who said it best –

Obama created the mess.  President Trump is cleaning it up!

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