*CRINGE* Biden Camp Rolls Out “23 Reasons Why Joe Biden!” – ‘Because He Likes Ice Cream’ (VIDEO)

What did we just watch?

Jill Biden over the weekend posted a video “23 reasons why Joe Biden!” as a way to ramp up enthusiasm for her husband with 23 days left until the Iowa caucuses.

This was major cringe.

Eight awkward people stood in a line in Waterloo, Iowa and fired off 23 reasons why people should vote for 77-year-old Joe Biden.

One of the low energy liberals in the line-up said Americans should vote for Biden because “he likes ice cream.”

Hey little kiddies, creepy grandpa Joe likes ice cream!


The Biden campaign is so low energy that a recent Iowa ‘rally’ looked more like a funeral.

Biden has no chance against President Trump which is why the Deep State-Democrat media complex is now peddling the old canard that ‘Russian hackers’ are undermining Biden.

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