CORRUPT DEMOCRATS: Puerto Rico Disaster Relief Supplies Found In HIDDEN WAREHOUSE! (VIDEO)

A hidden warehouse in Puerto Rico was discovered containing massive amounts of disaster relief aid sent by the United States in between 2017-2018 as part of the effort to assist the victims of Hurricane Maria.

The survival aid, which included water and medicine, was hidden and unused for nearly two years to make President Trump look bad, until recent earthquakes in Puerto Rico prompted investigators to look into structural damages.

President Trump has been very critical of the corrupt Democrat Party officials that run the island government in Puerto Rico. “You have incompetent, totally, grossly incompetent leadership at the top of Puerto Rico,” said President Trump in July 2019. “The people of Puerto Rico are great, and the people of Puerto Rico like me, and they should because nobody’s given them what I give them. But the leadership is corrupt and incompetent.”

Carmen Yulín Cruz, the far-left Democrat Mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico, previously stated that President Trump didn’t care about restoring the lives of Puerto Rican disaster victims.

“The President doesn’t care,” Mayor Cruz said in April 2019. “He has proven time and time again that he’s in this to look good. You know, he thinks this is about him. He never got it. When I pleaded and I asked him for help, he never got that this was about saving lives.”




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