C-SPAN Video of Rand Paul Reading Censored Impeachment Trial Question Taken Down on Twitter

A video clip posted by C-SPAN of Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) reading a question that Chief Justice John Roberts refused to ask at the Senate impeachment trial of President Trump that mentions the name of the alleged Ukraine whistleblower was taken down Thursday afternoon. Paul read the question at a press conference away from the Senate chamber. It is not clear whether C-SPAN or Twitter took down the video. There is no statement on the C-SPAN page as of this writing regarding the deletion. (UPDATE AT END: C-SPAN video reposted.)

Screen image from video by The First on TV which has not taken their video down (Video at end.)

C-SPAN has video of Roberts refusing to ask Paul’s question Thursday.

The video link to Paul reading the question aloud off the Senate floor is dead:


Several verified accounts posted a link to the video when it was live:

Clicking the link to the C-SPAN video brings a failure to retrieve tweet message.

This account posted a reply to C-SPAN stating they would be reporting the video.


A check on the tweet the account replied to brings a message from Twitter, “This Tweet is unavailable. Learn more”, which indicates C-SPAN may have taken down the video.

Other anti-Trump accounts also reported Paul.



The Hill posted video clips of Paul’s press conference on the censored question, but left out the naughty bits.

A new site, The First on TV, posted uncensored video of Paul reading his question:

C-SPAN clip of snarky reporter:

UPDATE: C-SPAN has reposted the video:

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