BREAKING: Sharyl Attkisson Is Suing Rod Rosenstein and Other Deep State Dirty Cops for Illegally Spying on Her During Obama Years

Former CBS Reporter Sharyl Attkisson announced yesterday that she is suing former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein for illegally spying on her during the Obama year.  Rosenstein and other Deep State dirty cops are identified in her filing.

Attkisson announced her lawsuit tonight on her website:

Attkisson notes:

A former U.S. government agent has admitted participating in the illegal government surveillance on then-CBS New investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson. The insider has identified former U.S. Attorney Rod Rosenstein as the person responsible for the project.

As a result of the new admission, Attkisson and her family are filing suit against Rosenstein and four other men allegedly involved. According to the lawsuit, the illegal surveillance was conducted against Attkisson and other U.S. citizens under a government operation based at the U.S. Attorney’s office in Baltimore, Maryland.

“The Plaintiffs first acquired the details regarding key individuals involved in the surveillance in August, 2019, from a person involved in the wrongdoing who has come forward to provide information. Prior to that time, the Government and its agents and representatives had denied that any such conduct had occurred, including denials in Court pleadings and argument.”

The Attkisson lawsuit claims that in March 2011, Defendants Shawn Henry, Shaun Bridges, Robert Clarke, and Ryan White, all of whom were government employees connected to a special multi-agency federal government task force based in Baltimore, Maryland, were ordered by Defendant Rosenstein to conduct home computer surveillance on Attkisson and other U.S. citizens.

Shawn Henry was head of the FBI’s Washington Field Office. In 2012, Henry left the FBI and now is president of CrowdStrike Services, a company that seeks to mitigate targeted online attacks on corporate and government networks globally.

Shaun Bridges was as a Special Agent with the U.S. Secret Service for approximately six years, operating out of the Baltimore Field Office. Between 2012 and 2014, he was assigned to the Baltimore Silk Road Task Force, a multi-agency group investigating illegal activity on the Silk Road, a covert online marketplace for illicit goods, including drugs. In 2015 and 2017, Bridges was convicted of corruption related to his government work, and is now serving a prison sentence.

Of course it comes as no surprise that CrowdStrike is involved.  CrowdStrike is the firm President Trump asked the President of the Ukraine to look into and is also the only firm which reportedly reviewed and determined that the DNC’s emails were hacked by Russians during the 2016 election.

Also, this is not the first we heard of Rosenstein being involved in spying on Americans during his tenure in Baltimore.  An individual named Johnheretohelp popped up on Twitter and in early 2019 he claimed to have had information that Rod Rosenstein ran an operation out of Baltimore during the Obama years where he was spying on everyone:

Some of John’s information wasn’t verifiable but it looks now that his accusations about Rosenstein may be accurate.  Of course, Rosenstein didn’t like it when Republican House members asked him about his actions related to the Russia Hoax and the Mueller investigation.  Rosenstein did all he could to prevent the Republican House members from investigating the actions of the Obama DOJ and the DOJ involved in the Russia Hoax:

Let’s hope Sharyl Attkisson is rewarded millions for Rosenstein’s illegal actions taken under the Obama Administration in spying on Sharyl and her family.

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