BREAKING: Deep State Snake Mary McCord Goes from Setting Up General Flynn to Working for Adam Schiff

Former Obama DOJ-NSD Head Mary McCord was involved in setting up General Flynn in the White House days after the 2017 Inauguration.  Now she is reportedly working for Adam Schiff with her former lawyer at the DOJ, the now ICIG Michael Atkinson.  McCord is as crooked as they get.

The Last Refuge posted some tweets yesterday that tie former Obama DOJ NSD head Mary McCord to the whole corrupt and criminal whistleblower complaint that started the Democrats fraudulent Ukrainian sham impeachment.

Julie Kelly at American Greatness published a post about the ICIG Atkinson. She pointed out his ties to his former boss, McCord:

A report issued last month by Atkinson’s counterpart at the Justice Department, Michael Horowitz, offered a detailed account of how that agency, specifically the FBI, violated the law to obtain a warrant to spy on Carter Page for a year. Horowitz identified 17 “significant errors” on the initial application and three subsequent renewals submitted to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court.

The office responsible for the government’s FISA process is the Justice Department’s National Security Division. The head of the NSD during the first several months of the secret surveillance on Carter Page was acting Assistant Attorney General Mary McCord.

McCord’s senior counsel? Michael Atkinson.

From July 2016—the same month the FBI opened its investigation into the Trump campaign—until he was appointed the intelligence community’s watchdog in early 2018, Atkinson served as a high-ranking official in the same Justice Department attempting to take down Donald Trump.

McCord, an Obama appointee and Atkinson’s boss for seven months, not only managed three of the four FISAs on Carter Page, she ran the department’s investigation into Trump-Russia collusion until she resigned in the spring of 2017.

McCord is mentioned more than two dozen times in Horowitz’s report. She became the division’s acting chief right before the department approved the first FISA application on Page.

Atkinson was her lawyer.

According to the Horowitz report, McCord “was involved in certain aspects of the [Trump campaign] investigation . . . with the first Carter Page FISA application in September and October 2016.” McCord also attended numerous briefings related to Crossfire Hurricane, the official name of the FBI’s counterintelligence probe into four Trump campaign associates.

McCord, who was interviewed by Horowitz, told the inspector general she informed Andrew McCabe, the former FBI deputy director, that the first FISA application “needed to include more information about who hired [Christopher] Steele.” She recalled “asking about Steele’s fee arrangement with Fusion GPS” just days before the first application was filed on October 21, 2016. (An interesting detail since McCord unconvincingly claimed in a podcast interview last month that she didn’t see Steele’s dossier until it was published in BuzzFeed in January 2017, a common trope recited by Obama loyalists.)

These gangsters from the Obama era are still in place in the the Deep State FBI and DOJ and are still doing all they can to harass this President with false claims and fraudulent cases.  Americans are getting very close to the tipping point with all of this and no indictments of the Deep State card carrying members.


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