Biden In 1996: “ACT OF WAR” If Iran Attacks U.S. Facility (VIDEO)


As unhinged liberals are quick to criticize Trump’s airstrike against Iranian targets in response to the attack against the United State embassy in Baghdad, Joe Biden attempted to kowtow to his base by releasing an ad calling Trump erratic and unstable.

Unfortunately for Sleepy Joe, an unearthed segment from ABC news in 1996 shows him declaring that any attack on a U.S. facility is grounds for retaliation.

This was after Iranians launched an attack against US Air Force dorms in Saudi Arabia, during Bill Clinton’s presidency.

“It’s an act of war, if they do, and they yield their sovereignty. Wiretaps won’t change that,” says a slightly less sleepy version of Biden.

“And so the United States does what?” asks ABC’s Sam Donaldson.

To which Biden responds “It could take whatever action it deeps appropriate.”


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