Horrible. Far Left Christianity Today Editor-in-Chief Compares President Trump to a Wife Beater

The Editor-in-Chief of Christianity Today, an evangelical magazine, unloaded on President Trump on MSNBC comparing the US president to a wife beater.

It makes you wonder if Mark Galli has ever heard of the 8th Commandment?

Via Red-Pilled News:

On Friday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Live”, Mark Galli, Christianity Today editor in chief announced that he wrote the editorial calling for the elimination of President Donald Trump because he claimed the president had evolved into “morally abusive in a dangerous way.”

Galli declared: “Well, what is different about now is the impeachment hearings probably. It is true that his record of tweets and his choice of people to work for him has been troubling for some months, if not years. But up to this point, it had been my judgment that dealing with Donald Trump is like a woman who’s married to a man who’s verbally abusive, but he’s a great provider and a good father to his children, so she puts up with his loss of temper.”

Then he continued: “She weighs that in the balance and says I can still deal with that. Then the husband turns physically violent, and all of a sudden, the balancing does not make any sense. Even though he is still a provider and still a good father, he has now become physically dangerous. The wisest thing to do is not to balance the books and say the one hand or another but to have him leave the home.”

Mark Galli also appeared on CNN and Buzzfeed News to attack President Trump.

Around 85% of Evangelicals support President Trump — the highest number ever recorded.

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