WOW! How Awful! Angry Socialist Pope SLAPS Female Pilgrim TWICE as She Grabs His Arm in St. Peter’s Square (VIDEO)

This was horrible.

Socialist Pope Francis slaps well-wisher! Prefers to hobnob with the powerful.

Have you ever seen a pope slap a woman during Christmas jubilee?

Pope Francis slapped the woman twice — Then angrily walked away!

ITV reported:

Pope Francis has lashed out at a worshipper in an attempt to free his arm from her grip during a visit to a Nativity scene in St Peter’s Square.

He delighted tourists on New Year’s Eve when he took a stroll through the Square, but he was taken by surprise as he was dragged back by a woman eager to hold his hand.

Francis exclaimed and then struck the woman’s hand twice to free himself.

It is not the first time the Pope has reprimanded worshippers for their heavy-handedness.

In March 2019 bizarre footage was released which showed a line of worshippers all diving to kiss his hand.

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