Trump Victory Member: “Impeachment Motivates Base, Helps Us Raise Cash For President Trump”

Judson Sapp, who is running to replace North Florida GOP Congressman Ted Yoho, joined One America News Network’s Jack Posobiec to discuss the effects of impeachment on President Donald J. Trump’s voting and donor base.

Sapp is a successful entrepreneur, who has raised a boatload of money for President Trump’s re-election.

Donald Trump Jr. to fundraise in Jacksonville next week

Speaking to Posobiec, considered a rock-star journalist in the America First movement, Sapp said it has made donors and voters more “gun-ho” in their support for President Trump’s re-election efforts in 2020. Mr. Sapp recently told TGP that he would support a presidential pardon of Roger Stone, jailing the radical domestic terrorist group Antifa, and charging members of the Deep State for their treasonous actions against Trump.

Florida Republicans: “Pardon Roger Stone, Jail Antifa, Charge Deep State”

Within 24 hours of announcing his candidacy a few months ago, Sapp hauled in $100,000, showing a clear appetite for pro-Trump leadership in Florida’s 3rd district. How amazing is that?

Big haul: Judson Sapp says he raised $100K during first 24 hours of campaign

Watch the full interview below.

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