The Two Possible Paths that Pelosi Is Likely to Take In The Schiff Sham Impeachment of President Trump

Based on the public response to the Schiff Sham impeachment of President Trump and the ramifications of going forward, there are two potential scenarios that Speaker Pelosi is most likely to take.

Scenario One – Pelosi and the Democrats vote on impeachment this Thursday or Friday or at latest before Christmas.

To hell with the constitution, orange man bad, full speed ahead.  In this scenario the Democrat led House caves to its radical Trump hating base.  The time is short to get this done becouse the FISA report is going to be damning.  They know it.

This is why they have worked so hard to remove Trump.  Not only is he destroying the progressive socialist movement, he is proving that the movement is the absolute wrong direction for America.  He not only doesn’t care what they think, he let’s them know it.  He is brash and they have never ever in their life times had a Republican stand up to their abusive America hating tactics.  He also absolutely destroys their progressive movement by explaining why they are wrong and then taking his positions into action and proving they are wrong.

America has never been stronger economically.  The markets are at all time highs.  More people are working than ever before.  The nation’s GDP stands at around $23 trillion, the highest ever recorded for a country in history and unemployment is at 50 year lows.  Never has the economy done better.

With nothing on schedule for Thursday and Friday, the Democrats may ram through their impeachment and head home for the holidays this week or at the latest before Christmas.  They know they can’t release the date of any impeachment vote, so they will vote before anyone knows what’s happening.  No riots, no protests, a quick vote and out of town for the holidays.

Scenario Two – Pelosi delays the impeachment vote till next year and then milks it for as long as she can and then at the last minute decides not to impeach but will let the voters decide.

We wrote previously about the reasons that the impeachment vote would be the end of the Democrat Party –

1. The first reason is simple.  The Democrats have no case.  President Trump did nothing wrong.  Their efforts to tie him to a crime didn’t work.  President Trump is innocent and they know it.

2. The Democrats have no idea what will be uncovered or what will be presented in a Senate hearing and they have no control over the Republicans who are in charge of the Senate.

3. The IG’s FISA report is coming out next Monday and it will be damning.

Americans already don’t trust DC and politicians.  Soon the Democrats will be synonymous with the swamp in the mainstream.  Former Reagan Attorney General Ed Meese believes that the FISA scandal is Obama’s Watergate

Former Attorney General Ed Meese, who served under President Ronald Reagan, compared spying on the Trump campaign to the Watergate scandal in an exclusive interview with the Daily Caller.

Meese previewed the impending IG report on FISA abuse, which is expected to drop on Dec. 9. The report is expected to reach a conclusion as to whether intelligence agencies followed the correct processes when obtaining warrants to spy on members of the Trump campaign during the 2016 election. Meese debunked the idea that the IG report’s findings should be dismissed because the investigation occurred during the Trump administration, explaining that the IG’s investigations are independent.

Have the Democrats seriously considered how it is going to look when they are attempting to prosecute President Trump on a bogus, at best, ‘crime’ when the Obama appointed IG of the DOJ releases the FISA report showing much corruption and potential crimes related to the Obama gang before and after the 2016 election?

4. US Attorney Durham has a criminal investigation ongoing now that will indict Democrats and their Deep State gang, if any indictments come forth, and they should.

5. One last point that is bad for Pelosi is having a vote and having it bipartisan but against the impeachment.  If the vote is taken and the Democrats in the closely contested seats vote against it, it will be proof that the entire thing is what it is – a sham.

Because of this, Pelosi may delay the impeachment hearing into next year.  She will continue to harass and abuse the President.  The days will go by just like the corrupt Mueller sham and eventually Pelosi will declare that it is too late to impeach, and she will say that she prayed about it and it is best for the country to wait till after the election.

This alternative allows Pelosi to save face with the extremists in her party while not having a vote that would be devastating to her party.

In Summary

The House Democrats may impeach Trump but they might not as well.

The risk if all goes poorly for the Democrats is very high.  If the President is wrongfully impeached, and criminal actions by Schiff, the whistleblowers, the Bidens, Kerry and Obama are uncovered in Senate hearings, and the FISA report is totally damaging and Durham starts arresting Democrats and the Deep State for their criminal acts, Americans will be outraged.  This scenario could realistically be the end of the Democrat Party – something that some believe is long overdue.

Either way, it is likely that President Trump will not be removed from office and will win the 2020 election.

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