President Trump Posts Chilling Meme After Lawless Democrats Vote to Impeach Him For Non-Crimes

President Trump posted a chilling meme a few hours after the lawless Democrats voted to impeach him for non-crimes.

Democrats voted in a straight party line vote to impeach President Trump for abuse of power on Wednesday night.

The second article of impeachment was for ‘Obstruction of Congress.’

228 Democrats voted to impeach.
192 Republicans voted against the sham.

Democrat Rep Tulsi Gabbard voted “present.”

Trump posted the meme Wednesday night without a caption to let it speak for itself.

“In Reality, They’re Not After Me, They’re After You. I’m Just In the Way”

TGP’s EIC Jim Hoft wrote this very truth Wednesday morning before the impeachment vote.

Never forget, what the Democrats are doing to President Trump, is what they will do to us.

Their lust for power stands before all else.

They would gladly ruin any Trump supporter with the same zeal.

Never forget their hatred.
Never forget their lust for power.

This is the same hatred they have for this country and for you.
They would gladly destroy anyone who stands in their path.

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