Scott Presler Announces Cleanup in Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco – Patriots Win Again!

Pro-Trump activist Scott Presler announced on Thursday he will be heading to San Francisco for an organized cleanup day.

Presler has previously cleaned up Baltimore, Chicago and Los Angeles.

This comes after President Trump’s tweet calling out Nancy Pelosi earlier today.

Republican candidate DeAnna Lorraine held a cleanup in “poop city” earlier this year.

DeAnna Lorraine, the leading candidate against Trump impeachment Chieftain Nancy Pelosi worked to clean up San Francisco several months ago.

Lorraine promised herself and the residents of San Fransisco that she would clean the city up after being motivated by Presler to do so after helping him sanitatize Los Angeles in September.

Scott Presler is planning his own cleanup day there.

WATCH AS DeAnna and Presler clean up LA!

San Fransisco is a notoriously run-down and disgusting city, neglected by the failed leadership of Nancy Pelosi over several decades. Human feces covers the sidewalks and needles litter the streets. Ms. Lorraine has made a renewal of personal responsibility and growth a leading point of her campaign, hoping to help San Fransisco residents rebound into normalcy.

While San Francisco Rots Under Speaker Pelosi Her Republican Opponent, DeAnna Lorraine, Is Busy Cleaning Up the Streets

Restoring San Fransisco to what it once was is not only a humanitarian effort, but also an important point to address when it comes to Nancy Pelosi’s legacy. She has spent years getting drunk on wild flights across our nation, instead of helping her people. Lorraine has since responded to Presler’s promise to clean up San Fran.

Hopefully DeAnna Lorraine and Scott Presler can change that.