Obama Gifted Eastern Iraq to Iran – Overnight Iran Sent Tanks Into Iraq to Stop Anti-Iran Protests – Thank You Barack

As Iraqis set the photo of Khomeinist regime Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei set on fire in Iraq, Iranians

One of the many reasons we were for candidate Trump in the 2016 election was because Obama created a nightmare in Iraq.  In the west, Obama gave guns to rebels that morphed into ISIS and brutally murdered thousands.  In Eastern Iraq, Iran took over and Obama rewarded that terrorist country with a $150 billion and a bogus nuclear deal.

Today Iraq is still a mess thanks to Obama.

Overnight it’s being reported that Iran is now sending tanks into Iraq to stop protests from Iraqis against the Iran regime.


A leader of Iran’s viscous terrorist military unit is back in Iran and tanks are entering Iraq from Iran –

See the tanks roll –

Iraq is not a safe place to be –

Iraq universities are on strike –

Iran is doing all it can to keep control of Eastern Iraq –

What a mess Obama left President Trump.  Then he spied on Trump as well.  What a piece of work.


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