NY City Democrat Tells Off Corrupt Jerry Nadler on Sham Impeachment

The Democrat Party has been going after President Trump since he announced his presidential run.

Last week Democrats voted straight party line to impeach President Trump in the House Judiciary Committee.

Democrats voted for impeachment without identifying any crimes.
‘Obstruction of Congress’ is NOT a crime. It’s something they made up.
‘Abuse of power’ is so broad a term it could mean anything.

Democrats are using impeachment as a political tool to damage this historic president.
We all know it. They know it.

Next to their spying on the Trump campaign and administration, this is the most cynical political maneuver in American history.

It’s an attempted coup.
Thank God there are still a few Democrats left who see this for what it is.

Joseph from Boro Park, a Democrat, sent this to Jerry Nadler this weekend.

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