“It Could Happen to Y’all Next Time. We Got Some Pretty Passionate People on Our Side” – Lindsey Graham Trashes Conservatives – Claims They Would Spy on Democrats Too (VIDEO)

Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz is set to testify this morning before the Senate Judiciary Committee led by Lindsey Graham.

** Here is IG Michael Horowitz’s opening statement.

Chairman Lindsey Graham opened the hearing with lecture on the IG FISA report.

Lindsey explained how he came across the Steele Dossier when his late friend John McCain gave it to him in December 2016.

Lindsey Graham then went on to lecture that Republicans could do this to a Democrat president(?)

Lindsey Graham: The question is how far up the system did it go? Why did they apply twice more (for FISA renewals)? Why didn’t they stop? Everyone wants to know is there bias here? What motivated these people? Why do you think they kept going? Maybe because they were on a mission. Not to protect Trump but to protect us from Trump. That’s what they were trying to do. They were trying to protect all of us smelly people from Donald Trump. That’s what this is about. Whether you believe it or not, I believe it. And you know what? It could happen to y’all next time. There’s some pretty passionate people on our side that I wouldn’t want to be investigating any of you.

Who is that Lindsey?
Tells us who the conservatives are who will lie, falsify evidence, and commit a coup on a Democrat president?

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