HUGE! DOJ IG Horowitz Confirms Evidence of Political Bias in FBI Text Messages (VIDEO)

DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz testified to Senators on Wednesday that he found evidence of political bias in text messages sent by FBI officials who were involved in the FISA process targeting Carter Page.

There is a virtual media blackout of Horowitz’s testimony because the fake news media is obsessing over the sham impeachment vote.

Horowitz told Senator Ron Johnson that he found political bias.

“In both of these investigations you found political bias,” Johnson said to Horowitz referring to the FBI’s investigation into Hillary’s emails (MidYear Exam) and Trump’s camp.

“We found through the text messages evidence of people’s political bias,” Horowitz said to Senator Johnson.


Horowitz also told Senator Rand Paul that he found evidence of political bias.


In an exchange with Senator Josh Hawley (MO), Horowitz admitted he “did not reach a conclusion” when asked if political bias affected the FBI’s investigations.

“Was it your conclusion that political bias did not affect any part of the [Carter] Page investigation, any part of Crossfire Hurricane?” Hawley asked Horowitz.

“We did not reach that conclusion,” Horowitz said.