Honest Democrat Jonathan Turley: “You Could Impeach Every Living President” on These Type of Allegations (VIDEO)

Constitutional law scholar and author Jonathan Turley is an honest Democrat.

Turley was called in to testify in support of the US Constitution and President Donald Trump in the slap-dash Democratic impeachment proceedings in the House Judiciary Committee.

On Thursday Turley was back on CBS This Morning following the Democrat Party’s slapdash impeachment vote.

CBS ANCHOR: What impact do you think this could have on future presidents?

JONATHAN TURLEY: It is going to have a significant impact, I think it will be a largely dysfunctional one. The problem I have is that this sets the standard quite low for impeachment.

They ultimately rejected the four articles that I originally testified against, including bribery, and went with the two that I thought were legitimate, but they did not obviously follow my advice and try to build a record to try to support those two articles.

The problem I have is that judging by how they define these two articles, you could impeach every living president on this type of allegations.

Via CBS This Morning:

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