“He Was My Good Samaritan” – Survivor Natalie Harp Thanks President Trump for ‘Right to Try’ Legislation That Saved Her Life

Young Natalie Harp thanked President Trump at a Faith&Freedom Coalition meeting in June of this year.  Her life was saved by President Trump’s “Right to Try” legislation.

At the Faith&Freedom Coalition meeting this year, young and healthy Natalie Harp claimed President Trump was her ‘Good Samaritan’.  She said:

We all know the story of the Good Samaritan, but what you don’t know is that I was that forgotten person on the side of the road.  The victim of medical error, the number three cause of death under the previous administration, and left to die of cancer.

First the medical establishment, they came by and they saw me there, so they wrote prescriptions for opioids, and they walked on.

Next the political establishment, they saw me there, and they stopped just long enough to come over and tell me how to die, how to speed up my death so I could somehow, “Die with dignity”.

But then an outsider, my good Samaritan, President Donald J. Trump, he saw me there and he didn’t walk by.  He stopped, and for every single one of us, he gave up his own quality of life, so we could live and work and fight with dignity.  Because he believes in survival of the fighter, not the fittest.

And so Mr. President, I have to say that you have made a lot of promises to us and you have kept every one of them.  So we’re going to make you this promise.  Just as you fought for us for God and America, we’ll never forget how you saw us on the side of the road and you walked over and you picked us up and you made us great again.  And now we’re going to fight for you Mr. President.  God bless you!


Ms. Harp was also interviewed by the Trump Team where she gives more of her story and how the “Right to Try” legislation saved her life:

No doubt Ms. Harp and many, many Americans are grateful this Christmas day for the sacrifices made by President Donald J. Trump!

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