Ha Ha! DOJ FISA Abuse Report Word Search Doesn’t Recognize “Comey” But Recognizes “CoRNey” 163 Times

James Comey is so full of himself.  He claims to be so respected by the FBI but of course this is not true.  The FBI and DOJ are laughing at him and disgraced by his time as FBI Director and he doesn’t even know it.

The DOJ Inspector General released a report last Monday that detailed in over 450 pages the crimes and corrupt actions taken by the FBI to obtain warrants to legitimize spying on candidate and then President Trump (see link to report here).  The report showed multiple material lies and omissions that the FBI made to obtain the warrants.

Oddly enough, when you go to the government’s website and review the report something unique happens.  Crooked James Comey is reported in the report more than 160 times.  But when you attempt to run a find on his name “Comey” in the report, nothing comes up (see below):

However, when you run a search on “CoRNey”, you find 163 matches that link to the word “Comey”:

Someone in the FBI or DOJ was clearly not a fan of James Comey and linked him to the word “coRNey”!

Comey thinks he is so cool and respected.  He was a corrupt FBI Director and a joke.  Now he is the butt of jokes even the DOJ and FBI are making.

Hat tip Kevin O.

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