Grandpa Joe Creeps on Teens at Town Hall – ‘Anyone Under 15 Come Talk to Me, You Get Something Special’ (VIDEO)

Grandpa Joe creeped on teens Sunday during a town hall in Peterborough, New Hampshire.

Democrat front runner Joe Biden thanked teens under the age of 15 for attending his “boring” town hall in New Hampshire and “promised” them something special for showing up.

“After this is over, come talk to me. Promise? Anyone under 15 you get something special today.”


Biden’s town hall on Sunday was marred by protesters interrupting his speech and calling him a pervert.

Another protester called him “quid pro Joe.”

Creepy hands Joe is known for inappropriately touching young children, teens and women.

He was even warned to keep his hands to himself during his run for president, but he just can’t help himself.

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