GOP Congressman Greg Pence Calls Impeachment Hoax “Bullsh*t to the 4th Degree” (VIDEO)

TMZ caught up with GOP Congressman Greg Pence (IN) and asked him what he thought about Pelosi’s fake impeachment of President Trump.

“This impeachment vote that took place, what did you think about it?” TMZ asked Pence.

“Bullshit to the 4th degree. How’s that?” Pence said.


Congressman Greg Pence (VP Mike Pence’s older brother) is 100% correct.

Democrats voted to impeach President Trump for ‘abuse of power’ and ‘obstruction of Congress’ on Wednesday night.

The vote was partisan — NOT ONE Republican voted in favor of impeachment.

228 Democrats voted to impeach.
192 Republicans voted against the sham.

This is the first time in US history a president has been impeached by a purely partisan vote and now Pelosi is refusing to send the articles of impeachment over to the Senate.

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