Good Grief. Liberals Outraged After Customs and Border Protection Posts Playful Tweet About Santa Passing Through Border Legally

Customs and Border Protection outraged sensitive liberals on Christmas Eve with a playful tweet about Santa Claus passing through the US border legally.

The agency tagged NORAD, who tracks Santa for kids to follow on his journey delivering presents around the world.

“Santa, his reindeer and all of the presents have been cleared by CBP for entry into the United States!” CBP’s tweet read, along with a photo of Father Christmas at the border.

Naturally, the backlash from the joyless left was swift and fierce.

Thousands of people tweeted their disdain at the agency, despite it being Christmas Eve.

Anarchist Teen Vogue columnist Kim Kelly wrote “holiday-themed fascism is still fascism.”

Many of the hostile responses came from current or former BuzzFeed staff.

If CBP was intending to troll the heck out of the left, they did a masterful job.

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