Florida Republicans: “Pardon Roger Stone, Jail Antifa, Charge Deep State”

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As we are all thrown into the thralls of a post-impeachment world, it can be hard to forget about the long and winding road that got us to this point. Democrats wanted to impeach Donald J. Trump from the very moment that he defeated Hillary Clinton in 2016, but even they knew that in order to do so they needed to use the death-by-a-thousand-cuts approach to provide cover for moderate Democrats in swing-districts. A spy operation during the campaign would give them a basis for the big score.

They started with the violent riots at the inauguration and rolled right into Russiagate, followed by the infamously illegal and fruitless “Mueller Report”. All along the way, they leaked and lied. They enjoyed the benefit of non-stop favorable coverage from the fake news smear machine and the unchecked power of illegally obtained FISA court backed wiretaps. They benefited from the backing of current and former intelligence assets who at times have even threatened to kill President Donald J. Trump.

So where do the leading Republican candidates for congress from across the must-win swing state of Florida stand on these issues? We asked over a half-dozen candidates in hotly contested seats in the Sunshine State where they thought about pardoning Roger Stone, listing Antifa as a domestic terrorist organization, and charging deep state leakers like McCabe / Comey / Clapper / Brennan with treason for their actions against President Donald J. Trump.

Knowing how these candidates feel on these issues gives us an idea on how the electorate in the state of Florida will approach the hot-button issues that are going to be critical in forming the voting patterns in the Sunshine State.

LAURA LOOMER (Florida’s 21st District: Southeast Florida)

Pardoning Roger Stone: Roger Stone played an essential role in getting President Trump elected. The only reason why Roger Stone has been sentenced to jail time is because the FBI wasn’t able to flip him, and he remained loyal to President Trump. Over the last 4 years, we have witnessed the weaponization of our justice department and federal law enforcement agencies against private citizens like Roger Stone and General Michael Flynn.  I believe both men deserve full Presidential Pardons

Listing Antifa As Domestic Terrorist Group: ANTIFA needs to immediately be designated as a Domestic terrorist organization, and any and all elected officials who express support for ANTIFA should be charged with supporting a terrorist organization and be stripped of their status as an elected official. ANTIFA has explicitly made violence a key aspect of their radical communist agenda, and allowing them to operate freely in society poses a danger to all American citizens. The punishment for being in ANTIFA should be the same punishment for those found guilty of joining ISIS. US officials need to take ANTIFA more seriously, especially given that the FBI has found that members of ANTIFA have traveled overseas to train with Islamic terrorist organizations.

Jailing The Deep State: There seems to be 2 separate sets of rules and justice systems in America. The Democrats constantly say “nobody is above the law”, yet their actions prove otherwise. Trump supports have been sentenced to jail, wrongfully accused, defamed, and deplatformed and shamed for simply supporting a duly elected president. Meanwhile, everyone in the deep state Democrat Cabal never faces any consequences for their widely known crimes. Hillary bleach bit her server and nothing happened. Comey briefed president Trump on a fake dossier paid for by Hillary Clinton. McCabe weaponized the FBI to try to steal an election. Brennan and Clapper authorized a spy ring to illegally surveil President Trump. These are all crimes punishable by jail time, and you can bet that if these people were Republicans, they would be serving life in prison for their crimes. I say CHARGE THEM FOR TREASON, LOCK THEM ALL UP AND THROW AWAY THE KEYS.

Laura Loomer is an investigative journalist and is running in the Republican primary to face Democrat Congresswoman Lois Frankel. The district includes Boca Raton, West Palm Beach, Delray Beach.

DANE EAGLE (Florida’s 19th District: Southwest Florida)

Pardoning Roger Stone: I would fully support President Trump if he chose to pardon Roger Stone. He is clearly a political prisoner of the liberal left and an activist judiciary executing an anti-Trump agenda.

Listing Antifa As Domestic Terrorists: Antifa has proven themselves as a militant anti-American organization that poses a threat to our national security. I absolutely support listing them as a terrorist organization.

Jailing The Deep State: McCabe, Brennan, Clapper and Comey’s coup attempt is nothing short of treasonous and they should be held accountable for their actions.

Dane Eagle is the House Majority Leader of the Florida House of Representatives and is running in the Republican primary to succeed retiring Congressman Francis Rooney. The district includes Cape Coral, Bonita Springs, Fort Myers and Marco Island.

Judson Sapp (Florida’s 3RD District: Northeast Florida)

Pardoning Roger Stone: Roger Stone is a victim of the rigged Mueller investigation, an Obama-appointed Judge, and a DC jury full of liberal activists.  Roger is a friend of mine and a loyal friend of our President who deserves a pardon due the blatant bias against him in the investigation and trial.”

Listing Antifa As Domestic Terrorists: Antifa is a fringe organization that has brought terror wherever they go.

Jailing The Deep State: McCabe, Brennan, Clapper, and Comey should be investigated and charged for their many illegal actions in an attempt to remove a lawfully elected President.

Judson Sapp is a successful businessman who is the CEO of W.J. Sapp Railroad Contractor. He has hosted Roger Stone numerous times in North Florida, proclaiming his innocence and encouraging activists to help support his legal defense fund. Sapp also serves on the Trump Victory committee, raising money for President Trump’s re-election efforts. The district includes Jacksonville, Green Cove Springs, Ocala and Gainesville.

Enrique Tarrio (Florida’s 27th District: Miami, Florida)

Pardoning Roger Stone: President Donald Trump would not exist without Roger Stone. I know Mr. Stone personally and the persecution that he has faced from politically motivated investigations is both despicable and highly illegal. President Trump should pardon Roger Stone immediately and get him back on the field for the 2020 election. An Obama appointed judge, a DC jury full of left-wing political activists, and prosecutors who donated or worked for Hillary Clinton? Stone got a raw deal.

Listing Antifa As Domestic Terrorists: I have personally worked to get Antifa listed as a domestic terrorist organization and I have also been a victim of their violent attacks. They are a dangerously violent alt-left group that will stop at nothing to intimidate or kill those that they disagree with. They have firebombed government facilities, inspired mass-shootings, and attacked journalists for daring to document their depravity. They should be listed as domestic terrorists and treated as such.

Jailing The Deep State: Intelligence assets who leak and lie in an attempt to remove Donald Trump as President of the United States are committing treasonous acts against the duly elected president. There must be no quarter. There must be no compassion. We settle out differences at the ballot box in America. My family escaped Communist Cuba. I refuse to let America become the marketplace for show trials and illegal coups.

Enrique Tarrio is an entrepreneur and the current Chairman of the Proud Boys, a pro-West men’s fraternal organization that works to restore traditionalism in the United States. Tarrio is facing former high-level Clinton administration official Donna Shalala. The district includes Miami Beach, Miami, Key Biscane, Cutler Bay and Kendall.

While the above candidates demonstrate that Florida’s GOP congressional candidates are all prepared to back President Donald J. Trump against the deep state and punch back against the violent domestic terrorist group known as Antifa, some Republican candidates remained surprisingly silent when asked the very same questions.

Vennia Francois, a policy analyst and top Lieutenant of the Bush era of the Republican Party, refused to answer these three simple questions directly. Instead, a top advisor to her campaign, Todd Catella, offered some interesting responses for a candidate claiming to be pro-Trump and attempting to secure the GOP nomination in Florida’s 7th congressional district.

He said that Antifa and conservative groups like the Proud Boys are “both domestic terrorists.”

He said that there were “bigger issues” to for President Trump to focus on and that pardoning patriots like Roger Stone were not an important priority. As far as the Deep State liars and leakers involved in this treasonous coup attempt to overthrow Donald Trump? Catella was sure that AG Barr or someone would deal with it.

Another GOP candidate, also in Florida’s 7th congressional district, Dr. Leo Valentin, refused to provide answers on any of these questions through his personal email or through a campaign spokesman.

While Donald Trump has done a great honor and service to the GOP and the political system as a whole by utterly breaking it in 2016, candidates like Valentin and Francois represent the sneaking insurgence of the Bush / Romney / McCain wing of the party who are hoping to win quietly in 2020 and proceed to undermine President Trump from the inside out during his second term.

2020 is coming fast and hard.

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