Federal Judge Backs People-Powered We Build The Wall, Inc. – Shreds Federal Lawyers For IBCW

We Build the Wall, Inc., a nonprofit organization founded by triple amputee veteran Brian Kolfage, is gearing up to build a second portion of wall along the U.S. Mexico border on private land in Mission, Texas and the “deep state” International Boundary and Water Commission is, again, relentlessly doing everything to sabotage the project.

The IBCW was created by the U.S. and Mexico in 1889 to administer guidelines for demarcating the location of the border between the two countries, which sits on banks of the meandering Rio Grande River. The U.S. Section of the international body is administered by the State Department and the Mexican section is overseen by the Secretariat of Foreign Relations.

The Department of Justice on Dec. 5 filed a lawsuit on behalf of IBCW against Fisher Industries, the construction company We Build The Wall is contracting to assemble the wall, demanding the group to discontinue building a physical barrier on the banks of the Rio Grande.

The border wall, IBCW claims, would violate the United States’ 1970 international water treaty with Mexico by causing flooding that would alter the course of the international waterway and destruct the shoreline.

In response, U.S. District Judge Randy Crane issued a restraining or mandating We Build the Wall suspend construction and ordered the government to disclose the results of a hydrology study that would substantiate its unfounded charges.

During a hearing Thursday at the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Texas in McAllen, U.S. Attorney E. Paxton Warner claimed the Federal Emergency Management Agency has already conducted a mapping study that confirms the construction of a border wall would cause catastrophic environmental damage on the river banks by utilizing expensive state of the art Light Detection and Ranging equipment, also known as LIDAR.

Yet, FEMA claimed has declined to provide its study to IBCW, Warner admitted.

Judge Crane shot back, chiding the government attorneys.

“If you can’t get it then how do you expect a private citizen to have access to it?” he asked Warner. “I’m not for making people jump through hoops just to jump through hoops. That seems petty.”

We Build The Wall should conduct its own comprehensive hydrology report, rather than hassle FEMA with turning over its study, U.S. Attorney Daniel Hu argued.

The non-profit is planning to build a wall that costs upwards of $20 million dollars and should be able to afford LIDAR because it “costs only about $2,000 per square mile analysis,” he said.

Until scientific evidence is produced proving the wall would generate flooding and environmental hazard, the government’s lawsuit is meritless, Crane retorted, noting he would likely resort to issuing a court order to obtain FEMA’s LIDAR study.

“Your role here is to make sure someone who is building in the floodplain is in compliance with federal laws,” he told the federal prosecutors. “You aren’t for one side or the other. If you have this answer then find out as soon as possible.”

“If you can’t get it then how do you expect a private citizen to have access to it?” Crane asked Warner. “I’m not for making people jump through hoops just to jump through hoops. That seems petty.”

Crane scheduled another hearing for Dec. 19 and issued a revised temporary restraining order on Friday that further limits We Build The Wall from digging on the private land on the riverbanks of the Rio Grande.

Kolfage issued a statement to the Gateway Pundit on Friday commending Crane for holding the “globalist” IBCW accountable.

“Judge Crane is not going to allow the IBCW to stall this out and take six-plus months as they have done on our other project. The IBCW is going to have to put up or shut up and actually prove their statements. It’s nice to see a judge recognize the tactics of the Deep State and put this overgrown government agency in check,” he said. “We are very pleased with how the hearing went and have very high faith that we will prevail to get the wall up.”

Last year, in response to congressional Democrats’ defiance of Trump’s request to appropriate funding for a border wall,  Kolfage created a GoFundMe, calling on the American public to step to the plate and fund the wall themselves. Within days, millions of ordinary citizens donated nearly $25 million of private contributions to assure the construction of the wall would become a reality.

As donations poured in, the decorated war hero teamed up with heavy hitters in the public policy arena, including former White House advisor Steve Bannon and former Reagan administration official and congressman Tom Tancredo, and reorganized his efforts to build a 400 mile, privately funded border wall a as a 501(c)(4), We Build the Wall Inc.

Over Memorial Day weekend, We Build The Wall completed the assembly of a 30-foot high, quarter-mile-long section of a border wall on private property in Sunland Park, New Mexico.

Immediately after the wall was constructed, IBCW Commissioner Jayne Harkins immediately ordered the gate to be permanently padlocked open.

Surveillance footage We Build The Wall obtained from the site, which could be mistaken as a scene from The Walking Dead, shows hundreds of illegal immigrants rampaging into the United States just moments after IBCW staffers chained the gate open.

“The gate was something they asked for,” Kolfage said. “But instead of doing the commonsense thing of shutting the gate and locking it, they leave it wide open, Monday through Friday all day long. Anyone can go to our website, we have live cameras watching the gate.


“Of course, IBCW didn’t like our wall going up in Southern Park – it was an amazing smuggling route. They got a lot of push back from those cartels and people on that side who didn’t want that route shut down. We felt the ultimate – the government trying to push back on us. It just shows us how screwed up the whole system is, where we have an international group like the U.N. controlling our border, telling us what to do, telling our border control what to do,” he continued. “If every Trump supporter donates $80, then the nonprofit could build a wall on the entire 2000 mile border.”

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