FBI Special Agent Michael Gaeta – Legal Attaché in Rome – Was Likely Stefan Halper’s Handler

It has been widely reported that the Obama administration had a spy by the name of Stefan Halper working inside the Trump campaign.

The question that is still unanswered is who from the FBI was Halper’s handler?

As we first reported in May 2018, internet sleuths determined the name of the FBI spy inside the Trump campaign.

Jeff Carlson at theMarketswork put together a piece where he placed an individual by the name of Stefan Halper as a potential FBI spy into the Trump campaign. (Note that some believe that Obama may have had more than one spy in the Trump campaign).

It was a lucrative business for Stefan Halper.

Internet sleuth Jacob Wohl discovered that Stefan Halper was paid $282,295 in September 2016 for “research and development in the social sciences and humanities.”

This is important because Halper enticed young George Papadopoulos to London with the promise of thousands of dollars for his assistance.

Another Twitter sleuth identified a second payment to Halper in the amount of $129,280 making the total payments to Halper more than $400,000 from President Obama’s Administration to spy on the future President of the United States.

Deplorable Lori found that the Deep State paid Stefan Halper made an additional $129,280 in 2017 for additional work.

At that time in May 2018 we identified that Stefan Halper was paid a total of $411,575 in 2016 and 2017 for work with the US government that included spying on the Trump campaign.  (It was later revealed that Halper made much more than that.)

We now know that that Halper was the same person who invited George Papadopolous to London, where he just so happened to meet that infamous Australian “Diplomat” (who also worked with the Clinton Foundation) Alexander Downer.  Halper also lured Carter Page into compromising situations involving “Russians”.  He also was connected to setting up General Flynn in late 2015 with Russian President Putin. He apparently was the one who started rumors about General Flynn having an affair with a young Russian woman whom Flynn met at an event Halper was connected to overseas.

It has been reported that an individual by the name of James Baker (not the same James Baker who worked in the DOJ at this time) but another individual in the Pentagon was linked to Halper and perhaps oversaw the payments to Halper from the Deep State.  But we don’t know who was Halper’s handler at the FBI.

The Daily Caller reported that FISA Court Judge Janet Collyer requested that the Deep State FBI provide a list of all activities related to the FISA Court and FBI Attorney Kevin Clinesmith, who altered the Carter Page FISA document.  The Daily Caller added:

Collyer’s order does not address the activities of other FBI employees who withheld information from the court, including “Case Agent 1,” an FBI counterintelligence agent who is criticized heavily in the IG report.

“Case Agent 1 was primarily responsible for some of the most significant errors and omissions in the FISA applications,” the IG report stated.

The agent is not accused of altering documents, but the report laid out six areas where he withheld information that was exculpatory for Page or derogatory for Christopher Steele, the former British spy whose dossier the FBI used in the Page applications.

The agent played a key role in several aspects of the investigation. He was the FBI handler for Stefan Halper, an informant who the bureau used to make contact with Page and George Papadopoulos, another Trump campaign aide.

The IG report stated Case Agent 1 failed to tell the Justice Department and FISC about exculpatory remarks that Page and Papadopoulos told Halper.

At first we were not sure who Case Agent 1 was either.  We do believe that he worked closely with corrupt FBI agents Peter Strzok and Joe Pientka.

Then we uncovered information that at least one of Halper’s handler’s in the FBI was likely FBI Agent Michael Gaeta. 

It is likely that Halper also had a handler in the US as well.

Judicial Watch requested documents related to Gaeta in September:

Judicial Watch announced today that it filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit against the Department of Justice (DOJ) for records about FBI Special Agent Michael Gaeta, who was the Legal Attaché in Rome who helped circulate the Steele dossier (Judicial Watch v. U.S. Department of Justice (No. 1:19-cv-02722)).

The suit was filed after the Justice Department and FBI failed to respond to an August 10, 2018, FOIA requests seeking:

  • All records of communications, including emails (using [his or her] own name or aliases), text messages, instant chats and encrypted messages, sent to and from former FBI Legal Attaché in Rome, Special Agent Michael Gaeta, mentioning the terms “Trump”, “Clinton”, “Republican”, “Democrat”, and/or “conservatives.”
  • All SF50s and SF52s of SA Michael Gaeta.
  • All expense reports and travel vouchers submitted for SA Michael Gaeta.

On August 28, 2018, Bruce Ohr testified before a joint task force of the House Judiciary and Oversight Committees that Christopher Steele, author of the Clinton funded dossier, gave two reports from the dossier to Gaeta.

In the July 30 meeting, Chris Steele also mentioned something about the doping — you know, one of the doping scandals. And he also mentioned, I believe — and, again, this is based on my review of my notes — that he had provided Mr. Gaeta with two reports…”

The only thing I recall him mentioning is that he had provided two of his reports to Special Agent Gaeta.

Gaeta reportedly was authorized by then Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland to meet with Steele at his office in London to receive reports from the dossier

The purpose of the London visit was clear. Steele was personally handing the first memo in his dossier to Gaeta for ultimate transmission back to the FBI and the State Department.

For this visit, the FBI sought permission from the office of Nuland, the assistant secretary of state for European and Eurasian affairs. Nuland, who had been the recipient of many of Steele’s reports, gave permission for the more formal meeting. On July 5, 2016, Gaeta traveled to London and met with Steele at the offices of Steele’s firm, Orbis.

“The FBI is covering up its role in the Russiagate hoax,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “Judicial Watch has had to fight the FBI ‘tooth and nail’ for every scrap of information about the illicit targeting of President Trump.” (Read more: September 18, 2019)

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