FBI Love Bird Lisa Page Throws Pity Party Over Comey Op-Ed Complaining of Being Criticized by President Trump

In her mind Lisa Page is the victim, you see. Not the man whose campaign, transition and presidency she and her fellow corrupt FBI officials from James Comey down to her FBI lover Peter Strzok tried to destroy with biased and illegal investigations. Poor, poor, pitiful Lisa, that President Trump won’t let her be.

Lisa Page, image via Twitter avatar.

Disgraced fired FBI Director James Comey penned an op-ed published Monday by the Washington Post bemoaning being criticized by President Trump. Comey, who put himself above the law and tried to destroy Trump dares complain that Trump is angry with him. As does former FBI lawyer Lisa Page who raised her victimhood status above Comey’s because she is a woman, you see.

“Yes. 1000 times this. Plus one big difference: I am not just an FBI target of the President, but a female one. So his followers understand that I’m therefore different, and “deserving” of a special kind of hatred, a vile reduction of my whole existence into body parts and sex acts. It’s incredibly degrading and dehumanizing, but I suppose that’s the point, isn’t it.”

There are many critical and supporting replies to Page, but this one seems to be most apt.

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