EPIC MISTAKE: Democrat Party’s Likelihood of Holding US House Drops 7 Points in Last Week!

In early October, President Trump’s chances of being reelected on the PreditIt market was at at 40%.

Today, after two months of a sham impeachment process, President Trump’s chances of being reelected stands at 48% — one of his highest scores ever.
For most of his time in office it has been in the low 40s. That includes the chance that a different Republican wins in 2020.

From the time shortly after the Ukraine phone call nonsense began until two weeks ago, the Republican Party’s chance of taking back the House has gone up 7 points in the last week.
Democrats are signing their death warrant tonight.

In the same time frame, the chance of retaining a GOP Senate has gone up from 65% to 70%.

Democrats will pay for their lawlessness.
Hat Tip Anne

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