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Tuesday, January 28, 2020
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Democrats’ Impeachment Position: Although President Trump Didn’t Break the Law, He Surely Intended to and Therefore He’s Guilty

The Democrat position in their impeachment of President Trump is that although the President did nothing wrong, he meant to, and therefore they must impeach!

Breitbart reported that the Democrat position on impeachment is absurd and have become the Salem Witch Trials.  The House Judiciary Report is stating that the President can be impeached for motives without breaking the law –

The Conservative Tree House also reported on this use of the word intent that the Obama Administration added to the legal system –

Defining statutory violations by the intent of the violator is specifically attributable to how President Obama, AG Eric Holder and AG Loretta Lynch changed the entire enterprise of lawful application to make outcomes arbitrary, variable, changeable to the situation.

The IRS targeting wasn’t unlawful because it wasn’t intentional.  The death of four Americans due to sketchy CIA and State Dept. operations in Benghazi was not unlawful because the risky situation wasn’t created intentionally.  Hillary Clinton’s private email server with classified information wasn’t “intentional”, etcetera – etcetera, the list is long.

The nice thing about switching to definitions of lawbreaking by “intent” is the ease in arbitrary application.  Republican targets ‘intended’ to violate laws… Democrat targets, well, not-so-much.  Fluidity is a necessary oil amid a two-tiered administrative state.

So now that they have nothing on President Trump, the Democrats say that the President intended to commit crimes and therefore he must be impeached.   What insanity – they have nothing!

Hat tip D. Manny

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